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How Much Does Building A Casita Cost?

Building Casitas In Arizona Is Our Thing!

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Cost To Build A Casita

Depending on the size and amenities you want, you can expect a wide variety of pricing models from different companies, Most of the pricing will depend on what you want to build, and where you want to build it. Let’s touch base on some of the main variables.

Excavation Costs

First off, when it comes to building a new casita in Arizona the amount of money you are going to spend is highly subjective to where you plan to build. There are many types of ground conditions in Arizona and sometimes these conditions can amplify the costs of building a new casita, for example, if you are located in a area that has underlying rock or “caliche” the overall cost to dig the foundation and trenching is increased. Per code if a new septic system must be installed, a new septic tank hard dig can become an expensive addition to the overall build costs. Another thing to consider is the distance between your new casita build and the utility connections, as trenching is charged per foot, depending on the location of the build, the price can be significantly increased when a trench needs go a long way. 

“One of the most obstinate aspects of dirt in the Sonoran Desert is the concrete-like caliche (pronounced kuh-LEE-chee). The name comes from the Latin root for calcium, and it is referred to as the calcic horizon by soil scientists. Calcium carbonate cements particles together, forming a rock-hard layer among sandier deposits of mineral soil. These layers of hardpan can be as much as 6 feet thick in Southern Arizona.” –Arizona Daily Star

Footings & Foundations Costs

Concrete Prices by PSI Rating

PSI ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 PSI and costs anywhere from $100 to $150 per cubic yard for a standard delivery and materials. Concrete comes in differing strengths, rated in Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). A few things to note:

  • Stronger (higher PSI) slabs are more expensive.

  • Non-load bearing structures (patios, sidewalks, etc.): 2,500-3,000 PSI

  • Load-bearing structures (foundations, structural piers, basements): 3,000-5,000 PSI

  • The smaller the aggregate, the smoother the finish, the higher the price.

Concrete Prices Per PSI
PSIAverage Price Range
3,000$100 – $120
3,500$110 – $125
4,000$115 – $130
4,500$125 – $135
5,000$130 – $150


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